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The Ward Post Bi-Monthly Brief – Vol. 2. No. 1.

The Ward Post Bi-Monthly Brief

Vol. 2. No. 1. (Jan – Feb 2017)

The Ward Post Bi-Monthly Brief brings together in one convenient location a synopsis of, and links to the TWP blogs posted during the two previous months.

Security and Good Governance in U.S.-Caribbean Relations (02/06/2017) Ambassador Curtis Ward suggests the changing geopolitical realities in Washington creates imperatives for the region based in part on the unknowns and dynamics from a new political administration in Washington; noting that there was no reasonable expectations on what President Donald Trump’s plans for U.S.-Caribbean relations might be.  He suggests that there may be some who are perhaps hopeful that the policies carried out by former President Barack Obama’s administration which enhanced U.S.–Caribbean relations might survive Trump’s presidency.  Ambassador Ward suggests that H.R. 4939 provides a context for evaluation of current U.S.-Caribbean relations; and that these new dynamics present Governments of the region and U.S.-based Caribbean Diaspora members an opportunity to be proactively engaged in the evolution of future U.S.-Caribbean policy. ….. Read More

Dominica a Country in Crisis (02/03/2017) Ambassador Curtis Ward, in what proved to be a basis for valuable discussion across the Caribbean region, draws attention to the responses of the problems of transparency and the lack of good governance in Dominica related to the country’s citizen by investment program. Following the 60 Minutes exposé and a series of postings on TWP on the CIP, Ambassador Ward drew attention to the Roosevelt Skerritt-led government’s push-back, his government’s subsequent actions and statements, which, according to Ambassador Ward, stretched the limits of democratic norms thus bringing the country to the edge of a political crisis. He suggests that the concerns raised can only be ameliorated through transparency in government actions, and by a government that is willing to acknowledge publicly its mistakes and take responsibility for them.     …..Read More

Brexit and the Caribbean (02/01/2017) – Atty. Andrea Ewart, a trade expert, raised a number of questions for Caribbean governments in future posturing of E.U.-Caribbean trade relationship in light of Britain’s pending withdrawal from the E.U.  Atty. Ewart suggests there are opportunities for the Caribbean if they act proactively.           …..Read More

“America has come to its senses.” Pt.2. Along came Obama (01/18/2017)  This is the second installment of journalist Ewart Walters’ characterization of the Barack Obama presidency. ….Read More

Jamaica’s Environment or Jamaica’s Economy (01/17/2017) – Dr. Lester Facey, an environmental expert, asks a valid question for the Jamaican government to contemplate when considering new foreign investment opportunities. He uses the proposed Chinese investment including an oil-powered power plant at Nain, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, to highlight the fact that the Chinese is among the world’s top developer of solar technology and producer of solar energy; and questions why this expertise is not linked to the proposed Chinese investment in the country. ….Read More

A Call to Responsible Action – Response to Dominica’s CBI Program 01/16/2017) – Atty. Gabriel Christian posits that there is a crisis of corruption and confidence in the government of his native Dominica stemming from the citizenship by investment program.  He points specifically to a number of diplomatic passports having been issued by the government to individuals who are later arrested or prosecuted for engaging in serious international crimes.  He recommends a course of action for the government to remove the corruption stigma, including by calling for an independent commission to examine all related issues and make recommendations on a way forward. ….Read More

Tribute to President Obama – “America has come to its senses.” Pt.1. (01/12/2017) – Ewart Walters, a seasoned journalist and author, in a two-part series elucidates the value of the domestic and global promises Barack Obama presidency meant to America. He uses his inimitable style to capture the readers’ imagination. ….Read More

Western Union Takes Aim on Jamaican Lottery Scammers! (01/11/2017) – Ambassador Curtis Ward relates a personal experience with Western Union to demonstrate new due diligence procedures employed by the money transfer agency to prevent lottery scam when money is being sent to Jamaica. ….Read More

Challenges to EC Citizenship by Investment programs Spark Nasty Debate  (01/04/2017) – Ambassador Curtis Ward, in an in-depth analysis of the weaknesses in the citizenship by investment programs in Eastern Caribbean countries, using a 60 Minutes exposé as a backdrop, draws attention to the undemocratic responses of the Dominican government to critics of the program, which also refer to these critics as terrorists. He notes as specifically troubling are the accusations of treason levelled against certain critics and political opponents of government, as well as arbitrary arrests of selected critics. Ambassador cautioned that such characterizations of free speech are anathema to civilized discourse; and such serious charges should not go unchallenged. …Read More

Ending Jamaica’s Tribal Politics  (01/01/2017) – Ambassador Curtis Ward in reflecting on the many regressive issues impacting on Jamaican society focuses on the divisiveness engendered by political tribalism.  He challenges political and civil society leaders, and the people of Jamaica, to actively campaign against political divisions going forward into 2017 and beyond. He does not absolve any one politician or political Party of this unwholesome practice in Jamaican politics; and he argues it is everyone’s responsibility to end this practice.                 ….Read More


About the author

Ambassador Curtis A. Ward

Ambassador Curtis A. Ward is a former Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the United Nations with Special Responsibility for Security Council Affairs (1999-2002) serving on the UN Security Council for two years. He served three years as Expert Adviser to the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee. He is an Attorney-at-Law and International Consultant with extensive knowledge and experience in national and international legal and policy frameworks for effective implementation of United Nations (UN) and other international anti-terrorism mandates; the legal and administrative requirements to effectively implement and enforce anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism (AML/CFT); extensive knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements for effective implementation and enforcement of United Nations multilateral and U.S.-imposed unilateral sanctions; and the imperatives for Rule of Law and governance. He is a geopolitical and international security analyst, and a human rights, democracy, and anticorruption advocate.

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