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Eric Leopold Edwards (Leo) – Tribute to the Life and Legacy of a Caribbean American (1922-2020)

Eric Leopold Edwards (Leo) – Tribute to the Life and Legacy of a Caribbean American (1922-2020)

This production of video Tributes, hosted by Ambassador Curtis Ward and Special Guest former Maryland State Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, to a Jamaican who dedicated his life to the advancement of the Jamaican-Caribbean diaspora and to the interests of Caribbean countries, speaks volumes to Leo’s works and successes over a span of more than 70 years. Leo’s legacy lives on in the works and memories of the thousands whose lives he has touched and the hundreds he has mentored. As these video tributes attest, Leo was the quintessential Caribbean man whose example is emulated by many in the Caribbean community in the United States. His willingness to advise and provide wise counsel to Caribbean ambassadors in Washington DC is legendary. He exemplified service of the highest order, often at great sacrifice to himself. This tribute also recognizes Carmen Edwards, his spouse, who accompanied and provided invaluable support to Leo’s work for several decades during this journey.

Tributes included in this collection are from former Jamaican Prime Minister P. J. Patterson, present and former Caribbean ambassadors to the USA, leaders of diaspora organizations, and others whose lives were touched by Leo’s work, grace and caring. These videos were collected by Ambassador Curtis Ward and compiled and produced in this video presentation by Loriston ‘Larry’ Sindass, Executive Producer of CaribNation TV. 

© 2020 Curtis A. Ward/The Ward Post  & CaribNation TV

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Caribbean Response to COVID-19: A conversation with representatives of regional players

Caribbean Response to COVID-19 Conversation Hosted by Ambassador Curtis Ward for CaribNation TV and The Ward Post  Special Guests: Dr. Joy St. John, Executive Director, Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA); Dr. Douglas Slater, CARICOM Assistant Secretary General – Human and Social Development; Professor Dr. Clive Landis, Chairman, University of the West Indies COVID-19 Task Force   This discussion explores the many important ways Caribbean regional institutions are...

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Caribbean Diaspora aroused with show of discontent

Caribbean Diaspora aroused demonstrating discontent Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (04 December 2019) — Discontent within Caribbean diaspora communities is growing in intensity. To most governments in the region, peaceful demonstrations on the streets far removed from the homeland are viewed as non-threatening and inconsequential, thus easily ignored and dismissed. But they should take heed! What they see is only the tip of the iceberg. Traditionally, diaspora’s passionate patriotism has...

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Collateral Damage from Trump’s Actions Destabilize Caribbean Countries

Collateral Damage from Trump’s Actions Destabilize Caribbean Countries Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (13 May 2018) –In just under 16 months of President Donald Trump’s administration, actions taken by the American president are sending shock waves across the Caribbean and the world. Unintended consequences – collateral damage – from U.S. actions threaten to destabilize the fragile economies and security of Caribbean countries.  The Trump storm is creating new dynamics in geopolitical...

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Tillerson’s Jamaica visit will divide CARICOM, Unless…

Tillerson’s Jamaica visit will divide CARICOM, Unless… Ambassador Curtis A. Ward While Secretary Rex Tillerson’s scheduled visit to Jamaica has been received with some level of scepticism, any visit by a U.S. Secretary of State to Jamaica should be welcome news. Ordinarily, such visits are expressions of good working relationships, and often used to strengthen ties even further.  On the other hand, there are also visits by U.S. Secretaries of State which are triggered by disagreements on...

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Good News for Caribbean Integration, or Not

Good News for Caribbean Integration, or Not Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (22 April 2017) — I like good news. I welcome any news that indicates, even marginally, that Caribbean integration is on a positive path. It is a sad fact that good news on Caribbean integration has been a rarity. There has been a great deal of dissatisfaction with the pace of implementation of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Single Market and Economy (CSME).  One major issue is lack of full implementation of the...

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Trump Presidency has Consequences for the Caribbean

Trump Presidency has Consequences for the Caribbean Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (23 march 2017) — As a keen observer and analyst of American politics and government over the past several decades, I find the policies of the Donald Trump presidency so far to be disconcerting. Increased geopolitical uncertainty and instability across several regions now seem more probable than at any time in recent history. American leadership generally, and its valuable financial contributions to...

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Security and Good Governance in U.S.–Caribbean Relations

Security and Good Governance in U.S.–Caribbean Relations (06 Feb. 2017) — Almost a year since my participation on a panel in March 2016 to explore “Security and Good Governance in U.S.–Jamaica Relations”, a joint effort organized by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) and the U.S. Embassy (Kingston) in the context of “Dialogue between Democracies: The Future of U.S. – Jamaica Bilateral Relations”, I feel compelled to revisit these issues on a much broader scale...

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Brexit & the Caribbean

Brexit & the Caribbean by Andrea M. Ewart, Esq.   I have been working my way through Eric William’s classic, From Columbus to Castro. In fact, I have just finished the chapter that he later expanded into another seminar work, Capitalism and Slavery. My reading has provided a timely reminder of the role that the Caribbean sugar plantation economies played in the growth of European capitalism. Perhaps this is why I reacted with such skepticism to the announced intention of Theresa May...

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Trinidad and Tobago’s Economic Shocks

Trinidad and Tobago’s Economic Shocks by Adam Raffoul (Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago) Word from Guyana, is that the Bank of Guyana has instructed local cambios to stop buying Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TTD) and Barbadian Dollars (BBD). The claim from authorities in Guyana is that Trinis and Bajans were flying into Georgetown with their respective local currencies, offloading it there, and purchasing US Dollars. This caused a situation where Guyanese business people were complaining...

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The Antigua “Terror” Video

  The Antigua “Terror” Video Ambassador Curtis Ward (09 December 2016) — My first view of a video produced, posted on a website, originating in Antigua, and circulating on social media left me saddened to see that politics anywhere in the Caribbean, or elsewhere in the world where democracy is the norm, could be reduced to this low and dangerous level.  Nowhere in any form of political discourse or competition in a democratic society should such a message to commit violent...