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Michael Blake responds to Supreme Court’s anti-immigrant decision

[Editor’s Note: The United States Supreme Court’s decision on Monday, January 27, 2020, lifting the injunction which prevented the Trump administration from implementing a new anti-immigrant policy which blocks a path to permanent residency and citizenship is another in a series of Trump’s attacks on the immigrant community. The Trump administration may now proceed to implement its anti-immigrant policy while challenges meander through the lower courts. 

There is widespread condemnation of this decision which removes basic humane assistance to members of the immigrant community in need of assistance. This new policy, if allowed to stand, will reshape legal immigration in the future. There is little expectation the Supreme Court’s 5-4 division will result in a different outcome when the case gets there on its merits.There is a lot riding on the outcome of the elections in November 2020. To quote Michael Blake, “Your vote matters.”

Below is a statement by Michael Blake, the son of Jamaican immigrants, in response to the Supreme Court’s decision and to Trump’s anti-immigrant policies.]

Statement on Supreme Court’s Public Charge/Citizenship decision

Michael Blake

“Today’s Supreme Court decision on the Public Charge rule, which allows the Trump administration to once again attack immigrants by making people decide between citizenship and public assistance, and effectively close America off to the world, is extremely misguided and represents an inhumane affront to all we stand for as a country.  Not only will it restrict legal immigration, but it will also prevent families from reuniting with each other and cause fear to become even more widespread in The Bronx and across the country.”

Michael Blake & Amb. Curtis Ward

“This decision is not just symbolically devastating; it has very real, tangible consequences.  The livelihoods of immigrants who rely on SNAP, WIC, and Medicaid to supplement their incomes and feed their families will be put in jeopardy.  Labeling low-income immigrants as “public charges” is both dehumanizing and fundamentally antithetical to a longstanding American philosophy on immigration: we take the tired, the poor, the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.  By embracing what amounts to a “wealth test” for immigrants, the Trump administration forecloses America to the rich cultures and talents that have helped to make this country the greatest in the world.”

“As a son of immigrants, and as a candidate for Congress in The Bronx, I will always stand up for newcomers who are trying to make a new life here in America. I will also continue to help Democrats win seats up and down the ballot so that we ultimately can have Supreme Court justices whose judicial philosophies align with the values of a compassionate, inclusive country – not a reckless, xenophobic President.”

“Today’s decision illustrates the long lasting consequences of our elections.  Your vote matters.  It’s time to elect people to Washington who are committed to the welfare of all of those who contribute to the rich fabric of the United States of America and remind people that immigrants always get the job done.”

(Michael Blake for Congress, P.O. Box 4853, New York, NY 10185)


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