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Our Broken Point Lisas: a T&T Dilemma

Our Broken Point Lisas: a T&T Dilemma Adam Raffoul (18 November 2019) — The recent announcement by Yara Trinidad to close one of their three ammonia plants by year end is concerning. This is the fifth major industrial plant to close its doors in recent time. It is important for the public to understand why this is happening, and why the Point Lisas Model, which is so important to all of us, is under threat. Trinidad and Tobago are internationally recognized for the Point Lisas Model...

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Trinidad & Tobago’s Lost Decade

Trinidad & Tobago’s Lost Decade Adam Rafoul A glance at the newspapers over the last couple weeks paints a grim picture of our national psyche. It is a nation that continues to grapple with the twin traumas of crime and violence, combined with a stagnant economy. One day, historians will call this our lost decade. First to hit the newspapers was the Standard and Poor’s downgrade. It based its decision on lower than expected energy production, resulting in lower economic growth. This in...

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T&T Don’t Blame Intelligence Services, Thank Them!

T&T Don’t Blame Intelligence Services, Thank Them! Ambassador Curtis A. Ward A recent plot to commit terrorist acts in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) during the country’s Carnival celebrations, according to the country’s Prime Minister, was foiled due to intelligence cooperation with the United States.  It doesn’t matter the source of the intelligence. The government and people of the twin island state should be thankful there were no lives lost to an act of terrorism, this...

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Trinidad & Tobago Faces Terrorist Threat

Trinidad & Tobago Faces Terrorist Threat Ambassador Curtis A. Ward It came as no surprise when news broke that U.S. intelligence services had warned the Government of Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad) of plots to carry out terrorist attacks during Trinidad’s Carnival 2018 celebrations. Trinidad has been vulnerable for years and successive governments have failed to undertake necessary and timely action to ensure that the country has in place appropriate laws, and administrative and...

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Are Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters a Threat to Caribbean Security?

Are Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters a Threat to Caribbean Security? Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (29 October 2017) — In previous writings, including in The Ward Post, and presentations I have made in a number of fora in the past year, I raised the possibility of returning foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) whose origins are the Caribbean posing risks and dangers to the region. It’s time for Caribbean governments to pay attention and coordinate plans to deal with this imminent danger...

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Who Cries for Venezuela?

Who Cries for Venezuela?  Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (02 Aug. 2017) — I have been pressed by my own inner thoughts and by several individuals to express my views on the situation in Venezuela, including on the responses of Caribbean governments to this crisis. I am compelled to respond. There is limited media attention given to Venezuela, and the dangers facing that country are being drowned out by the turmoil surrounding President Donald Trump’s administration. Yet we saw the U.S...