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How do we change the World?

How do we change the World? Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (11 July 2020) — In this Commentary I ask “How do we change the World?”  But, I didn’t leave the question hanging.  In this video Commentary, I offered some of my own perspectives on what we need to do to change the world. The full text of my Commentary is below, but take a few minutes and watch the Video. How do we change the World? Today, I wish to pick up on a theme about which I have been writing in The Ward...

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Caribbean Diaspora aroused with show of discontent

Caribbean Diaspora aroused demonstrating discontent Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (04 December 2019) — Discontent within Caribbean diaspora communities is growing in intensity. To most governments in the region, peaceful demonstrations on the streets far removed from the homeland are viewed as non-threatening and inconsequential, thus easily ignored and dismissed. But they should take heed! What they see is only the tip of the iceberg. Traditionally, diaspora’s passionate patriotism has...