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Ukraine: a year later

Ukraine: a year later Ambassador Curtis Ward (22 February 2023) — Exactly a year ago, I wrote in The Ward Post that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was, “a clear violation of international law.” I also wrote, “We are long familiar with Putin’s arrogance and his egregious behavior against domestic political opponents. He has now internationalized his egregiousness. The international community will hold him accountable.”   I also wrote, indeed predicted at the time of the...

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Dying for Freedom and  Democracy

Dying for Freedom and  Democracy Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (25 April 2022) —The people of Ukraine took to the streets in massive protests (2013-2014), known as the Maidan protests, to demand democracy, freedom, and good governance over autocracy, political oppression, and corruption. They succeeded. But their success rattled other autocracies in Europe and around the world. The world’s top autocrat, Russian president Vladimir Putin was rattled and determined to reverse the trend...