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Jamaican Government Urges NAJASO Delegates to Invest in Homeland

Jamaican Government Urges NAJASO Delegates to Invest in Homeland Ambassador Curtis A. Ward (19 July 2017) — The thrust of the messages delivered by Jamaican government ministers to the NAJASO convention was to encourage the diaspora to take advantage of investment opportunities in Jamaica. Accordingly, the diaspora would be contributing to helping the government achieve its growth and prosperity objectives. NAJASO  had invited the Hon. Andrew Holness, Jamaica’s Prime Minister, as...

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Brexit & the Caribbean

Brexit & the Caribbean by Andrea M. Ewart, Esq.   I have been working my way through Eric William’s classic, From Columbus to Castro. In fact, I have just finished the chapter that he later expanded into another seminar work, Capitalism and Slavery. My reading has provided a timely reminder of the role that the Caribbean sugar plantation economies played in the growth of European capitalism. Perhaps this is why I reacted with such skepticism to the announced intention of Theresa May...

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Jamaica’s environment or Jamaica’s economy…Why is there a choice?

Jamaica’s environment or Jamaica’s economy…Why is there a choice? by Dr. Lester C. Facey Often when I think of environmental affairs in Jamaica I am inclined to examine the current state of affairs and the decisions that are made in the best interest of the people.  Environmental decision making is a process that should be grounded in the notion of sustainability – a socio-ecological process characterized by the pursuit of a common ideal; this ideal must place the environment...